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Sand Blasting Tacoma

Are you looking for a sandblasting company in the Tacoma area to handle all of your sandblasting needs? Look no further than Tacoma Painting Company, because we are the number one sandblasting company in the Tacoma area!
One thing our customers don’t always consider is the process of removing old paint from surfaces prior to painting.  Not to worry – the expert team at Tacoma Painting Company has you covered.  We have the tools and know-how to handle even the largest of commercial or residential jobs.  Sandblasting is just one of the methods available to prepare a surface for a fresh coat of paint.  It is also used for a variety of other purposes in commercial and industrial settings.  We are prepared to assist you, whatever the need.
You can learn more about the sandblasting services that are offered here at Tacoma Painting Company by reading below:

What is Sandblasting?

We use state-of-the-art equipment to literally blast – or propel – fine bits of material at a surface in order to clean it.  For example, many walls or exteriors have old paint which must be removed.  Can you imagine taking a piece of sandpaper to the entire exterior of your home or office?  This simply isn’t an efficient method.  Sandblasting has the same effect, yet is done in a fraction of the time.  Our customers frequently choose sandblasting as a way to remove paint, dust, or dirt from a surface prior to painting

Professional and Affordable

When choosing a painting company to handle your project, it is important to consider their expertise and equipment.  Painting a residential or commercial property involves many services, and at Tacoma Painting Company we are prepared to handle each element of the job.  Our sandblasting team is professional, experienced and affordable.  We use only the latest technology, which is safe and environmentally friendly.  We are committed to providing top-quality service at a reasonable price.

A Variety of Services

Sandblasting services are available for a variety of commercial or residential needs.  We are familiar with removing paint and debris from numerous surfaces including wood, stucco, brick and concrete.  Our team can handle any job, no matter how unique or complex.  We will provide you with a free consultation to ensure we match up with your vision and budget.  Our team is knowledgeable and safe, providing unparalleled craftsmanship and a no-hassle service experience.

Our Guarantee

At Tacoma Painting Company, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations.  A job completed on time and within budget is our commitment to you.  When you hire Tacoma Painting Company for your residential or commercial needs, you are getting the services of a full-service team that consistently operates to the highest industry standards.  We guarantee our customers will receive the best quality craftsmanship possible, with full service support every step of the way.