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Log Home Staining Tacoma

If you are looking for a high quality and yet affordable log home staining service here in the area in or surrounding Tacoma, Washington, then you’ve found the company you’re looking for with Tacoma Painting Company.
If you’ve chosen the unique aesthetic of a wooden log home, we understand how important maintaining your home’s appearance is.  Wood is easily susceptible to damage from the elements, insects and deterioration over time.  Our team is experienced at renovating and restoring damaged wood, while also providing the best equipment and materials for staining your log home.
To learn more about the log home staining services that we offer here at Tacoma Painting Company, you can read on more below:

Protection You Can Trust

Our fully licensed, bonded and insured company has years of experience in the Tacoma area.  Our proven track record means you can trust us to do the job well.  The exterior of your home is important both for its beauty and durability.  We can help transform any rundown, damaged exteriors with the fresh, new look that wood staining provides. 
At Tacoma Painting Company, we recognize that staining your home is more than just for looks.  A properly protected home will stand up to the damage brought on by the elements.  Not only will our full-service team provide a thorough application of the stain color you choose, we will also inspect surfaces for holes and knots, caulking and repairing as needed.  This will ensure the exterior holds up for the lifetime of your home, no matter what.

Quick, Efficient Service

Staining the exterior of a home is no small job.  We understand the time and effort required, and have perfected a method to ensure the project is completed in an efficient manner.  Our materials and equipment can handle any size home, from a single story unit to a multi-story dwelling.  From start to finish, our team will communicate the timeline and keep you up-to-date on our progress. 

Customer Service Second to None

Our customer service agents will provide clear communication throughout the length of the project.  From the initial consultation to the final inspection, let our team work alongside you.  We will ensure you have a no hassle, no mess experience.  Our track record speaks for itself – The Tacoma area knows to contact our company for the best customer service around.

Contact Tacoma Painting Company

A phone call to our offices will put you in contact with one of our friendly, highly trained customer service representatives.  We will answer any of your questions and provide you with a consultation to determine the specifics of your project.  Your satisfaction is our top priority, and when it comes to staining the exterior of your log home, you can trust Tacoma Painting Company to do the job in a thorough, efficient manner.