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At Tacoma Painting Company, you can count on a job well done. We are an experienced, full-service painting company specializing in all residential and commercial painting projects. We have painted numerous homes and businesses throughout Tacoma and the surrounding area, managing to earn the trust of our customers in the process.
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About Us

Tacoma Painting Company is the city’s most trusted residential and commercial painting company. Our clients receive the highest quality painting services at exceptional prices. Whether your needs are interior or exterior, big or small, we come prepared with the right tools and know-how for the job. Professional communication with our customers ensures you will be satisfied with the work we provide. Our clients have benefited from our long track record of providing top-quality painting services at an excellent value. Our staff is driven by the desire to ensure the vision of each customer is fully realized. Our expertise is based on being able to deliver a long-lasting result. Both our residential and commercial clients receive the same level of care and attention. No job is too big or too small for Tacoma Painting Company!

Our Services

At Tacoma Painting Company we recognize that each job is unique.  We listen to our customer’s needs, asking questions along the way.  Our goal is to give you the services you need at a price you can afford. Our projects are geared towards your budget and will be completed on time, with communication that is professional and hassle-free. Whether you need a single wall to be painted or an entire apartment complex or warehouse, we can handle jobs of any size and get it done the right way on the first try. The paint and equipment we use on the job are top of the line so that each project is done with the highest quality. By only using premium paints, we ensure each coat of paint is applied evenly and provides a rich, consistent color and sheen to the surface painted. Likewise, we have all of the equipment necessary so that the job is done quickly and efficiently while also protecting the surrounding area from splatters and spills. We know the right brushes, rollers, and sprayers to use for each section so that each surface is painted or stained to perfection.

When the space is clear, we can get to work transforming the look and feel of your home with a beautiful coat of paint! Your home will be left with a fresh new look that will bring your interior design visions to life! Upon completing the job, we ensure you are comfortable and happy with our quality of work before leaving you with your beautiful new look. Do not outsource a professional’s job to anyone because it is cheap. We do this for a living, and our rates are great. Furthermore, you will be grateful not to have to redo it within a few months, and the maintenance will not be that taxing.

Interior Residential

Whether you are painting one room or the entire interior of your home, trust Tacoma Painting Company to do the job right. We are expert painters for walls, ceilings, molding & trim, and even kitchen cabinets! Our expert team will guide you through each step to ensure that you remain comfortable and confident with the process. First, we can help you pick the right paint for each project. While we will undoubtedly leave the color choices to you, we may be able to recommend the right shade or finish style, whether flat, matte, semi-gloss, or full glossy! We use only the highest quality, long-lasting paint to ensure that your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces are painted with a rich coat to bring the colors out in the best way possible. After suitable paints are chosen, we can also help you move any items out of the way so that they are protected from paint splatters, spills, and drips during the painting process.

Exterior Residential

Your home’s curb appeal can be instantly improved with a new coat of paint. At Tacoma Painting Company, we can transform the outside of your home with a fresh coat of paint that dramatically changes the look and feel and increases the valuation of your home as well! We handle all the exterior painting process steps – starting with preparing the surface for a coat of paint. This process often involves various pressure washing or sanding levels to eliminate any flaking paint layers or rough surfaces so that the paint adheres properly.  Prepping, priming, and painting are all done with care and expertise to ensure the exterior of your home will look fantastic once the painting or staining is done. We have years of experience painting all exterior surfaces and materials, including siding, soffits, trim, metal surfaces, and wood surfaces such as decks and porches.

Log Home Staining

Let the expert staff at Tacoma Painting Company help bring out the natural beauty of your home’s wood exterior. Beyond painting, we realize there are other ways to showcase the exterior of your home. Unpainted wood has a natural appeal and aesthetic that requires special care. There are also common threats against the longevity of your log siding, which our staining will take care of. The first is moisture. Moisture can come in from precipitation in the form of rain, humidity, or even snow. Moisture degrades the nature of wood as it provides a catalyst for the growth of mildew on dead wood. A wood stain would prevent moisture penetration and keep the log home stain looking pristine as possible. Sunlight is also a potential threat to the finish of the log siding, considering it weakens the water-resistance and makes it vulnerable to moisture. The majority of log homeowners set up schedules for cleaning and adding coats to protect them from particular exposure. The buildup of dirt and pollen is also an issue to consider and a more significant reason why staining is required. Each spring after the pollen season, it is recommended that pollen or dust which has accumulated be removed with a thorough wash. That alone can help keep the stain from deteriorating, not to be open to other damaging influences.

Fence Staining and

Your property is an important investment. The fence that surrounds it provides both security and visual appeal. The unfortunate thing with wooden fences is they are vulnerable and can degrade over time. One of the biggest causes of problems with fences is water, leading to structural issues and mold. Drying damp wood is quite a task, but moisture is kept from reaching the wood if you paint or stain it. It should be a primary concern, especially if you live in a place that experiences adverse weather. It is going to take a significant toll on the fence if the waterproofing is not effectively implemented. Painting is an option that will significantly change the exterior of the fence. It is important to match the color of the fence, so it matches with the home and the property. The good thing is it is cheaper as well to maintain. It is also quite flexible, and it is easy to change, so we can strip it down to try a different color. Fence staining provides a lot of aesthetic value to the property of the home. It can improve the value of the house when it comes time to place it on the market. Some would prefer clearer stains, while others look for options that would coincide with their optimal choices from a visual setting. Fence staining is one of the best ways to protect the wood so its value can be seen from the extended life provided. If this shield is not there, then the weather will eventually wear down the fence, and it could mean more spending to deal with the repairs later on.

The type of weather there at any time of the year can implement a lot of damage to the fence. In this case, the onset of hail, snow, or rain can pelt the fence with water over one year in Tacoma, and if the wood is not waterproof, you will see the difference. That is why fence staining is such a good idea. Fence staining also protects it from UV protection. In fact, the darker the nature of the stain, the more protection which is afforded in this department. The UV rays can degrade the wood over time and make it weak. Fence staining will also protect from rot and mildew, allowing it to have a longer lifespan. It is because the moisture penetration is not significant following the additions. Our expert team is available to tackle your fencing needs, no matter how big or small. We will provide options and then carry out your vision with the highest quality materials. We offer staining services as well as priming, painting, and sealing. Our goal is to ensure your fence remains fresh and protected from the elements for years to come.

We are believers that technology is a constant in every industry as it governs the ability of every business to adapt to the situation. That is why you need to entrust your commercial painting work to a company that knows what they are doing. Contractors like us are very knowledgeable in the latest methods in commercial painting, and we have access to the best tools. Our goal is to have you satisfied, and the best way to do that is to make sure that the job is done as quickly and smoothly as possible to make sure the finishing is precisely as you imagined it. We also pride ourselves in our ability to be discreet while on the job, providing your business with as little interruption as possible while also getting the job done right. We will work with each business owner to develop a scheduled timeline for each section of paint so that the business can plan accordingly and run as usual. We are also pleased to offer nighttime painting services for businesses so that we stay entirely out of the way from the daily operations! Commercial painting is one of our favorite services to offer, as we love hearing how your customers love the new look and feel of the place after our job is done!

Commercial Painting

At Tacoma Painting Company, we employ a competent staff to handle even the biggest of jobs. Allow our expert team to assess your company’s needs and develop a plan based on your budget and goals. Whether your property is a multi-unit condominium complex, a medical facility, or a fitness center, we will get the job done quickly so you and your company can get back in business. If you hire us to paint your structure, there is a significant gain in different areas. For one, we provide a methodological approach. That is from the preparation to the cleaning up and disposal so you can benefit from high-quality results. As a platform, we understand the need to give consistent quality in the services afforded to your customers. As a business owner, you are probably aware of the importance of first impressions on the customer base. The first thing people see when they look at your building is usually a determining factor on if they are going to buy into your business model or not. Getting a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your property is probably one of the best forms of maintenance you could ever do, but only if it is done the right way, and that is what we at Tacoma House Painters guarantee. We will give you a look to hook potential customers and make your current base appreciate the touch-up. You will also be pleased to note that our platform utilizes modern equipment and tools in our operations.

Sand Blasting

Our company strives to be a one-stop-shop, providing all the services you will need to see your project to completion. Before painting, many surfaces require sandblasting of old paint and debris. It is very dangerous to try and do sandblasting by yourself. During the process of sanding, there are a few precautions that will need to be taken. For example, since the surface oxidation is removed during the process, the exposure of the metal leaves it vulnerable to moisture. So we would have to make sure the product is in a dry setting after sandblasting has been done. Sandblasting also removes oil and dust that usually form on the surfaces of the steel parts which have been produced recently. Several other surface contaminants can also be removed during the process, like dirt and oil spots. Manual cleaning of the metal surfaces may be arduous because there is much human effort to be had during the process. On the other hand, sandblasting can speed the process, and it would need less effort when it comes to the operator. The same medium can also be used severally for sandblasting so it would not degrade the nature of your surfaces which is not easy to do. It does greatly assist in bringing the expense of the process, and it makes it more of an economical option. Sandblasting is a relatively efficient method for removing old paint from the metal before a fresh coat is applied to the area.

That is not to mention the added advantage which comes with removing the hard dirt which has bonded to the metal surface prior to the start of the painting. There are several alternatives for the medium to be used. These can range from biodegradable options, including walnut sheets, to manufactured types of steel grit. It is then possible to choose the best available options according to your needs. It is quite hard to try and do sandblasting as a personal project without consulting the professionals. During the process, if you are not careful about getting the right protective gear, you may become exposed to silica, leading to injuries and lung disease. We have the right sandblasting options as a professional platform without placing anyone at your house at risk. We offer affordable prices to ensure you receive the best value for your money. All sandblasting services are provided in the safest, most thorough manner possible.

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“I chose Tacoma Painting Company because of the great reviews I read online.  We needed the interior of our house painted but didn’t want our new carpet and sofas to get damaged.  The staff were super professional and helpful, they made sure everything was put back in its place!” – Maggie W.

Tacoma Painting Company was an easy call to make- after seeing the great work they did at my neighbor’s house I got in touch with them to help prepare my house for sale.  They helped me pick a fresh paint color and had the job finished in record time.  I just closed a deal on my house and got more than I thought I would!” – Steve P.

“I had a large job that needed to be done quickly.  Every day spent out of business was money lost.  The staff at Tacoma Painting Company understood this and made my job a top priority.  They left everything clean and orderly.  We were able to get right back to work.  Would recommend them to any business needing quick service!” – Garrett  J.

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